Dear Kiribati

It’s been 20 years since we first met, since I first breathed in your hot salty air, waded in your warm turquoise blue waters, instantly you intoxicated me. All of me. My mind, heart and soul.

But today.                      I fear for you.

I fear that the rest of the world will not know you. Blinded by climate change, they will not see your beauty, your kindness, your katei. Worthy of everything this world has to offer, and more.

The world hoped to solve this ecological genocide with laws, science, innovation and money, but money (or rather greed) is what brought us here and the technology will not develop fast enough to stop what has already happened.

I believe humanity is the only way to solve this. We are capable of transformational compassion. We see it all the time. It is compassion that drives change to contribute to a more globally just society, where greed, hate and anger are replaced by generosity, love, and joy.


I believe in you.  I believe in us.  I believe in humanity. Because if the climate can change, so can we.

So must we.