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In my commitment to raising awareness about Kiribati and other vulnerable low-lying coral atoll nations globally, I've actively engaged within and beyond academic realms. Through delivering lectures, sharing frontline realities, and amplifying narratives from individuals directly impacted by climate change, I've sought to bridge the gap between scientific discourse and human experience.

Recognizing the essential need to humanize the discourse surrounding climate change, storytelling has been my cornerstone approach.


Collaborating on four distinct projects that capture the frontline perspectives, I've witnessed the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and empathy.


Now, I'm eager to expand upon these efforts by joining forces with individuals and institutions who share similar humanitarian interests, seeking to further illuminate the human dimensions of climate change on a global scale.

Nations of Water Poster
One Word the Movie Poster
Anote's Ark Poster
The Kiribati Project Poster
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